Life Lesson #9 – You can never watch Friends too many times

Going back to the lessons I learnt turning 30 : You can never watch Friends too many times, and it will always be funny.

I adore Friends. Its one of my favourite TV shows of all times. here’s why I love it so much:

1. As one point or another I can relate to every single character. I’m terrible at telling jokes (like Chandler), I can be a little bit ditzy (like Phoebe), I can be a little bit stupid sometimes (like Joey), I can be a little bit geeky (like Ross), I can be a little bit spoilt (like Rachel) and I am definitely most like Monica – I have OCD!!


2. I find myself comparing my own friends to Friends and find that I can relate to the on screen bonds in my own life, its perfect 🙂

3. The comedy never wears thin. Its timeless. Its not crude, or racist, or nasty, just funny! Plain, silly funny!!

4. I secretly dream of having my very own “lobster” like Ross and Rachel (although with less of the “we were on a break”s)! And I secretly dream of a proposal like Monica and Chandlers 🙂

We_were_on_a_break rossandrachel TOW-the-Proposal-monica-and-chandler-3121852-720-480

5. The casting is PERFECT! I couldn’t think of any better actors to play the parts of the fabulous 6, nor the supporting cast like Gunther, Janice, Emily….


6. The fashion and styling is amazing. I mean, who DIDN’T want a Rachel cut in the 90s??


7. Watching Friends feels like being with my very own friends. I can put it on when I’m feeling down, or just need a giggle and it never gets boring!

8. They make humour shine through in even the hardest situations. Remember when Monica and Ross’s Nana died…..twice?! Even Ross and Rachel splitting up had some humorous moments!

9. I can’t chose a favourite episode or character. I literally love them all!!! I change my mind all the time as to who is my favourite, but its like a parent choosing their favourite child, it’s not possible!!

10. It didn’t go on too long. 10 seasons was perfect. It had the perfect ending. As much as I love it and it would be great to do a “where are they now?” with the characters I LIKE the fact they haven’t and we only have our imaginations to work with 🙂



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